Things to know about nol plus

nol plus is a loyalty program launched by RTA especially for nol card holders. Through nol plus, customers can earn more benefits and offers when using in public transport services such as bus, tram, metro, water taxi, RTA service centre, Dubai taxi’s, Parking meter and at participating partner outlets.

1. Register nol plus and link your nol card to start earning nol plus points

Know how to register for nol plus and link your nol card with nol plus to earn the points

2. Check your nol plus points balance online

Click to know the procedure to check your nol plus points online

3. Redeem nol plus points online

Check the above to know how to redeem nol plus points online and avail the benefits

4. Nol plus customer care

For any assistance on Nol plus, contact the nol plus customer care through the above link.

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