How & Where to buy Nol Red Card? Procedure, Documents required, Validity, Top up, Trip cost / tariff for zones

How to get / purchase / buy Nol Nol Red card / Ticket?

Nol red card / ticket is a paper ticket mainly used for tourists and occasional users.

  • Nol Red card Cost: AED 20 (Normal class) and AED 40 (Gold class)
  • Trip cost: AED 2 with at least 1 trip or 1 daily pass.
  • Validity: 90 days
  • Fare on Bus: AED 4 – AED 8.5
  • Customers can recharge for the use of maximum of 10 journeys or 5 passes
  • Daily pass allows an unlimited number of trips during a single day (Cost of AED 20 for the pass and AED 2 for the ticket)
  • E-purse account is not available.
  • Nol Red ticket must be prepaid and the journey type, zone must be entered appropriately.

Where to get nol red ticket?

Where to top-up nol red ticket?

Check nol card balance here

nol Red Tickets Fares 

Type Nol Red Ticket (Regular)
Nol Red Ticket (Gold)
Within 1 Zone 4 8
2 Adjacent Zones 6 12
More than 2 Zones 8.5 17
Student, Social Affairs & Senior Citizen and Residents N/A
People of determination N/A
Children Free

Shops / places, restaurants, supermarkets, fuel station accepting nol cards

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