How to renew Student nol card?: Procedures, Documents required

Procedure to renew Dubai RTA Student NOL Card Online / ticket vending machine (TVM) / Dubai metro stations Students can renew their RTA student nol card in any metro station or ticket vending machine or Nol pay app Online Go to Enter the nol card number Select the zone Make the payment to renew … Read more

How to Check / View nol card history / transaction details?

Check Nol Card Transaction History Online Procedure to check / view Dubai RTA NOL Card Transaction History 1.Visit 2. Enter your nol card number (nol tag ID) 3. Click on the next button to View the NOL Card Transaction History 4. Your Nol card transaction history will display as below. Types of Nol card and How to … Read more

Which Nol card is the best?

Whether you’re a longtime resident of Dubai or a first-time visitor, public transportation is an essential tool for getting around. Residents of Dubai can travel with ease and comfort thanks to the city’s ultramodern public transportation system. Many modes of public transportation in Dubai, such as the metro, bus, and RTA taxi, can be paid … Read more

Solar-powered nol card recharge machines in Dubai, UAE

RTA nol card solar powered recharge machines Recently RTA has installed the solar powered nol top up machines in Dubai to reduce the power consumption. List of Places where the Solar-powered nol recharge machines are installed: Dubai bus stations, Al Qusais Dubai International City Mall of the Emirates and Sahara Centre. Click to rate this … Read more