Nol 1 day pass

Nol 1 day pass – Nol Red tickets

  1. With Nol 1 day pass, customers can use unlimited period of travel for 1 calendar day from the mentioned date.
  2. It is allowed to travel by Metro train, Bus, Tram, Waterbus
  3. Allows unlimited travel for all zones.
  4. Can be topped up for five trips or passes.

Your Nol card can be used for the following services:

  • Dubai Metro
  • Dubai Tram
  • Dubai Buses
  • Dubai Water Buses
  • Paid parking meters

How to apply for Nol 1 day pass?

  1. Visit
  2. Go to the nearest station or ticket vending machine
  3. Request for the nol 1 day pass
  4. Pay the required amount.
  5. Once the payment is done, the card will be activated.

Where to apply for Nol 1 day pass / Nol red ticket?

You can apply at the following location. Click the below link to check the available locations at bus station and ticket vending machines

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