List of Dubai RTA Nol card Fines. How and Where to pay the RTA Nol card fine?

List of Nol violations and fine amount

Nol VIOLATION Nol Fine amount
Using public transport or its facilities without paying the fare AED 200
Failure to present NOL Card upon request AED 200
Using an expired nol card AED 200
Using an invalid nol card AED 200
Using someone else’s nol card AED 200
Selling NOL Cards without permission from the authority AED 200
Using a counterfeit/fake nol card AED 500

How to check and pay the RTA Nol card Fine?

1. Go to

2. Click Start

3. Enter the details by choosing any one of the option

4. You can search using the options by entering your plate details or License details or Fine reference number or Traffic file number

5. Once entered the details, your fine amount will be displayed if any.

6. Pay using the credit card or debit card.

Required things to pay RTA nol fine:

You need the below mentioned to pay the nol fine.

  • Traffic file number
  • The birthdate of the license holder
  • A valid credit card issued by one of the countries of the Gulf Cooperation Council

Where to pay RTA nol fine?

Customers can pay RTA nol fine at

  • any Metro stations
  • RTA customer happiness center:
    • Al Barsha Customer Happiness Center
    • Al Kifaf Customer Happiness Center
    • Al Manarah Customer Happiness Center
    • Al Twar Customer Happiness Center
  • immediately at the site inspector
  1. Go to the nearest metro station or RTA customer happiness center
  2. Keep your fine reference number in hand.
  3. Pay the fees by providing required fine amount and receive the receipt


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