I recharged my card online, but the balance is not showing up!

NOL Card balance not updated

  • NOL Card recharged online takes upto 24hrs to be credited into your NOL Card account, especially if the recharge is done outside of business hours (7AM-6PM)
    • Using Online or mobile banking apps such as ENBD, Mashreq, ADCB mobile app etc
    • Using Dubai Now or UAE SmartPass App
    • Using NOL Card website
  • NOL Card recharges done online are updated once the card is tapped in metro turnstiles (the card reader machines in the metro gates). The balance is not usually updated when the card is tapped on the buses. If you recharge online, tap your card at Metro gates to get the updated balance.
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15 thoughts on “I recharged my card online, but the balance is not showing up!”

  1. Dear All,
    I have NOL card no. 0129239364 and it has pending credit for AED 50.00 for more than two years which I have piad through online NOL site. I have complained before and they replied to me that I have to put the card on any RTA NOL machine and it will update the amount held. Can you please help to release this pending credit which is held by you for two years.

  2. As I understood, the nol Silver card cost 6 AED (25 purchase cost minus 19 starting balance). And what is this 7.5 AED minimum balance? Does it mean the card actually costs 6+7.5=13.5 AED?

  3. Hi ,
    Today I topup my nol card at four point Sheraton bus stop machine of 100 dhiram recharge at my card no 0227971702.but still not updated the balance.please advise.

  4. Hi,

    This morning I topup my nol card in Al nahda-2 near bus stop grocery store 30AED still not showing balance, old balance only showing.

    Please advise.


    • Hi Sheshikant,

      Sometimes it will take 24 hours time to reflect the balance. If you still facing the same problem, please complaint to the RTA customer care number.

      Support team.

      • Hi i recharge my nol card online thru yap mobile app blance already dedicated but still not came nol card Whatas the issues

  5. in 2022 this is very poor service
    Once money is paid it must be reflected automatically and immediately
    otherwise it defeats purpose of online transaction

    • Correct . it is 2023 now and still the same. I live in Ajman and thought of topping up my card for future use, like after 2 days or so. But I received a message saying “To activate the amount and update your nol card balance, use your card at any metro gates, online parking meters, solar top-up machines and nol pay app after 45 minutes to 4 hours.”
      Why give “time limits”?
      How can it be possible if bus stops are far away from me?


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