How to transfer the money from one Nol card to another Nol card?

Nol to Nol top-up / recharge: How to do? What is the requirement?

Requirement: NFC technology supported phone

How to transfer the amount / recharge the nol card from another nol card?

  1. Download and install RTA’s Public Transport app (PTA)
  2. Activate NFC technology on your phone
  3. Select the option Nol-to-Nol transfer
  4. First tap the Nol card which has balance behind phone and the app will read balance on the card.
  5. Next tap the nol card which needs the recharge behind phone.
  6. The app will display the box where you are required to enter the amount to transfer.
  7. Once it is completed, other nol card will be recharged.
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11 thoughts on “How to transfer the money from one Nol card to another Nol card?”

    • Hi Norman,
      If it is a personalized nol card, you can contact the RTA customer care number or email.

      Support team.

  1. My name is Muhammed fazil H nol card missing nol card no :O239949928
    Any update pls contact me 0566893992

  2. How can I transfer or refund my nol bal from my expired nol card? My registered mobile number on this card using another person now. how can i get pin code from that number??


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