How to recharge NOL card?

How to recharge NOL card online?

Steps to top up the nol card online

You can top up your nol card online

  • Enter your nol tag ID
  • Confirm the amount and pay online
  • Minimum balance is 7.5 AED and the maximum balance is up to 5000AED depends upon your nol card.

How to recharge NOL card at Metro station / Bus stations / Bus stops?

You can find nol ticket vending machine in every metro station, bus stations and main bus stops in Dubai where you can recharge your nol card or monthly passes in nol vending machine.

  1. Place your nol card on the machine which will show the current balance, card type.
  2. Select nol recharge amount (Keep the exact change as the machine do not return the balance)
  3. Card payment is available to recharge nol card.
  4. Once the payment is done, “Print receipt” screen will come to make sure to complete the recharge.
  5. Do not take the nol card until you see the “Print receipt” screen.

How to Top up / Recharge Nol card through S’hail App?

Check the above link to know how to use S’hail app and the procedure to recharge / top up NOL card through S’hail application step by step.

How and where to activate your nol card outstanding balance?

Customers can activate the outstanding balance of nol card at

  • any parking machines which is connected to the internet
  • metro gates
  • Once the procedure is done nol card balance will be activated in 45 minutes to 4 hours.


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