How to get refund of the remaining balance from Nol cards?

nol Cards Balance Refund

You can get refund of the remaining balance from your nol card using the below steps:

  • Enter your tag ID here
  • Submit and Verify your personal details
  • Select the method of refund (check below)
  • Once entered all the details asked, click submit.
  • Once your refund is approved, you will receive SMS in your registered mobile number.
  • Your refund request will be processed and approved in 4 days.
  • You cannot use your nol card after you apply for refund.
Nol card Tag ID

Note: You will not be able to apply for refund if you report the lost nol card before applying for refund. Because the card will be blocked automatically.

For more details, call 8009090

How to withdraw / redeem money from the nol card?

Possible ways to apply and get nol card refund

Documents required to apply for nol card refund

  • nol card tag ID
  • Alternative nol card if you want to transfer the amount from one card to another
  • Registered mobile number

Service charge/cost to get nol card refund 

  • There will be a service fee of 2.5% or AED 5 for getting cash refund. You will get cash refund after 60 days from the approved date.
  • No service fee is applicable to transfer the balance from one card to another.

Processing time to get nol card refund

It will take 4 working days to be approved through the system and 15 minutes through the website (online).

How to report the lost nol card immediately?

Check nol Cards Balance

You can check the nol card balance in the above link.

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5 thoughts on “How to get refund of the remaining balance from Nol cards?”

  1. I have lost my nol card. i have purchased monthly all zone package on it. i don.t know my nol card I’d number. i want to transfer my balance on anther nol card. please let me know how is it possible.

  2. I recharge my nol card 100aed last Wednesday morning 23 June 2021 but till now i did not receive that money. How i can get it or refund back. Kindly advise please.

  3. Kindly block the card attached as someone is using and I lost it 2 weeks ago and I made 2 complaints and they’re still that morevere I visited the burjuman earlier on july and I ask staff his name Vijay if the card is register he told me yes now when I want to make refund they told me that is anonymous and we can’t check in burjuman as its huge metro station and our CCTV cameras only for 30 days I am shock how can big company like rta answer me like this thank you

  4. Complaint Receipt
    Time:04/06/2023 11:18:28
    Station ld : Al Nakhal
    Terminal Id 262194
    Receipts No. S262194230604111828
    lnserted amount 15. AED
    Undelivered amount 15 AED
    Complaint ID. C26219400232

  5. I lost my nol card tag number 0214001232 on 29th June 2023 timing about 11pm with Habib bakery hora can I refund my remaining balance 73dhs bcz someone used already 9 DHS from abohail metro station.


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