How to apply and obtain Student’s Nol card?

Eligibility for Student nol card:

  • Students aged between 5 and 23 can apply for the Nol card.
  • Can also apply for a discounted fare nol card (Nol Blue Card)
  • Those who are applying for the special nol card must be full time students at any accredited schools / colleges / universities in UAE
  • Students can get a 50 per cent discount on the original fare.

Procedure to apply and obtain Student’s Nol card

Students can apply the nol card via online or School / College / University or Metro / Bus station. 

Through Online

    1. Students can visit and apply online
    2. Enter the personal details
    3. Upload the necessary documents which is mentioned below
    4. Make the payment online

Through schools / colleges / universities

  1. Students can also apply through their schools / colleges / universities (Please check with your institution).
  2. Once the student has received their student ID, they can ask their schools / colleges / universities to apply for the nol card.

Through Metro / bus stations

  1. Students can visit any nearest metro or bus station.
  2. Go to the ticket counters
  3. Ask the staff to apply for the student nol card

Type of Student nol cards and validity

Student nol card has different types based on their age group. Check the below details for the various card type

Up to the age of 14

  • they will get Nol Blue card
  • Valid for 5 years

For 15 years old

  • they will get Nol Blue card
  • Valid for 4 years

For 16 years old

  • they will get Nol Blue card
  • Valid for 3 years

For 17 years old

  • they will get Nol Blue card
  • Valid for 2 years

Between18 and 23 years old

  • they will get Nol Blue card
  • Valid for 1 years

Documents required to apply nol card for Students

  1. A status letter from the schools / colleges / universities
  2. Passport copy or
  3. Emirates ID card
  4. Passport Photograph

To apply online, student must upload all the above documents in the RTA website or they can submit at the ticket counters in the Metro or bus station.

Processing time:

It will take 5 working days to be processed and the cards will be delivered by courier with in 15 days after the submission of the application.

nol 7 / 30 / 90 /365 days pass cost for Student’s nol Card

Type 1 Zone(AED) 2 Zones(AED) All Zones(AED)
7 Days 25 40 55
30 Days 70 115 175
90 Days 165 275 415
365 Days 530 885 1335
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  1. Currently, I am using my Nol card for bus, metro, and taxi(3 transportations),. Does the student Nol card cover all 3 transportations with discount ?

  2. Why there is no bus from sharjah to dubai,dubai to sharjah pass on monthly basis .it is very difficult to us daily I have to pay for sharjah to dubai and dubai to sharjah it is expensive daily 22 dhs.bcs our job in please 🙏 do some thing about this .


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