Free Umbrella using nol card from RTA: How to buy?, Requirements

Forgot your Umbrella at home? No worries!!! Get one from RTA using your nol card

During this unstable weather in Dubai, some forgot to bring an umbrella when they are hurry to start to their work. In this case, people can borrow umbrella from Al ghubaiba bus/ metro station using the Smart kiosk placed inside the station.

Umbrella using nol card

Where is RTA’s smart umbrella service located in Dubai?

Three month test run is going on.

  • Al Ghubaiba Bus Station and Metro Station

How to buy a Free Umbrella using nol card?

This service is available only at Al Ghubaiba metro

  • Visit the bus/ metro station
  • Check for the box named as UmbraCity
  • Tap your nol card on the screen
  • Borrow an umbrella. Use it and return it after rain
  • You can borrow many times
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