Check NOL Card Balance Online

Dubai RTA’s NOL card is a convenient way to pay for all public transport related purchases such as Metro, Bus, Tram as well as payments for Parking. The NOL card needs to recharged and must have a minimum balance of Dh 7.5 before the card can be used in public transports. Fortunately, RTA announced a feature to check the balance money available in RTA’s NOL cards online.

Procedure to check Dubai RTA NOL Card Balance:

1. Visit the RTA Website NOL Card balance page

2. Click on the Check NOL Balance box (button) on the page

Nol card balance check page on RTA Dubai

3. Enter the NOL Card TAG ID found on the backside of the NOL card on the website

Enter the Nol Card number in the provided text box

4. Click on Search button to see the NOL Card balance

Nol Card Balance Display on RTA Dubai Website

Procedure to check Dubai RTA NOL Card Balance through RTA Dubai application

Places accepting nol cards

You can check the places such as

all over UAE that accepts nol cards to make the payment.

Report the lost nol card

Get refund on your nol card

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60 thoughts on “Check NOL Card Balance Online”

    • Good morning, i loaded money on my nol card online , i cant view the balance neither can i board a taxi or buses, can you help view balance and update( card number; 0221151236)

  1. I was trying to recharge mu nol card at noor bank but 50/-aed went in machine but no recharge and not received money bank. Moreover no receipt come out from machine

  2. hi sir

    Now a days we are unable to check NOL card balance. options are not there for checking balance through online could you please look in to this

    • Hi Joseph Buatsie Allotey – Sagoe,

      You can check nol card through rta Dubai app.
      For Android users, download “”
      Apple users, download “”

      Support team.

    • Hi Praveen,

      Wait for 24 hours to reflect the balance. Still, if it is not credited, you can call RTA on 8009090 and report.

      Support team.

    • Hello sir
      I deposited AED 20 to my Silver Card before 20 mint but my card still show 6 AED what’s the problem
      Card no

  3. Hi.
    I top up my Nol card the other week, until now credit still pending.
    Maybe is it because my NOL card is expired? Does NOL card expires if yes how i can check if mine is expired.

    Thank you

  4. Why nol balance if transfer online is pending for too much time,if cardholder goes somewhere and use this card which balance is pending may charge fines.
    Please transfer on instant basis.
    Will be the good.

    • Hi
      Good morning
      Last night I recharge 20 AED my nol card but still not showing my balance
      Card, 0199908336
      Please advise me

  5. Dear Admin
    Yesterday I had toped up 200 dhrms from ADCB through mobile app. The amount is said to be credited and is not showing in the balance amount.
    I need help with this.

  6. Last night I recharge my silver nol card but still i didn’t receive balance please guide me
    Zubair Ahmad
    Thank you

  7. Hello! I bought a silver nol card 0260393921. Went by bus from Dubai to Sharjah, payed with this card. And now I try to top up it with RTA and it says that the card is blocked. What do I do wrong?


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